Portable Hand Washing Stations

It can be frustrating when needing to instantly wash your hands and not being able to do so unless going to a public restroom. There needs to be more awareness of how important washing your hands is. After COVID-19, proper hand washing became much more of a priority since it has caused the lives of many people. This pandemic spiked awareness on hand washing, and doing it right. It is interesting to see how many people disregard washing their hands because of their time limit, and although it is incorrect to not wash your hands, many people still do not seem to understand its importance. 

Washing your hands regularly can prevent many diseases that can be easily prevented. Covid-19 is here to stay for as long as we live, which is why it is important to manage the situation to the best of our ability. Washing your hands is not considered a choice, it is needed, and much more frequently now. Through this pandemic, many facilities and businesses have put focus on safety practices that have the ability to minimize infections.

Portable hand washing stations are a major solution to the spread of diseases and bacteria. Portable sinks provide security for anyone who may be out and about needing to wash their hands, for whatever reason they may need to do so. 

Benefits of portable sinks

  • Captures any wasted water, reusing and recycling its water properly 
  • Allows both hands to be properly sanitized
  • Provide soap and paper towels
  • It is comfortable enough to wash your forearms
  • Hot and cold water is provided

With handwash stations, one can feel comfortable stepping out of their home and knowing they will not have to worry about what they touch, as much, since there is a solution for these worries. Portable hand wash sinks prevent the spread of many other bacterias and viruses aside from covid. It is understandable that covid is a major reason for why portable sinks are much more valuable but it is important to remember that washing your hands prevents many other types of bacterias, viruses and diseases from entering the body. This is a hard concept to understand since these viruses and bacterias are invisible to our eyes, but are still very much present. 

We need clean hands now more than ever. It may be difficult to provide ways for all staff, employees and guests to wash their hands due to certain inconvenient circumstances such as off limit sinks, or sink maintenance that may inhibit people from being able to clean their hands. For this reason, portable sinks are needed. 

Capacity for use may be limited, but they are the perfect solution for temporary use. It is useful when hand washing solutions are not available anywhere near. With portable hand washing stations, a lot of stress is minimized. Some people may feel overconsuming stress from not being able to wash their hands when they wish to do so. There are people who may have a more obsessive reaction towards the need to wash their hands. This obsessive behavior may cause anxiety and stress when it can all be relieved if washing their hands was easily available to them. Everyone should feel some kind of uncomfort when a sink or bathroom is not easily available to them because of multiple reasons. 

With handwashing solutions not being as available as they should be, the spread of bacteria and viruses will continue to rise. In order to reduce virus transmission, it is important to consider a sink station in many different areas that are easily available to anyone. As many companies have re-opened and there is a rise of people who are out of their homes daily, organizations should focus on improving their hygiene as much as possible. There needs to be established protocols to better promote hygiene and the ways they are responsible for keeping the environment free of viruses and bacteria.