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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Water is Put into Restroom Waste Tanks?

All waste tanks are initially filled with a total mixture of five gallons of water and approximately 5 ounces of blue fragrance solution.

How Many Gallons of Water Does a Wash Station Hold?

The Bravo wash station holds 20 to 24 gallons of fresh water and 22 to 25 gallons of waste (grey) water.

What Are the OSHA Rules Regarding Hand washing?

For five or more employees, the hand washing requirement is one sink per 10 employees (so a four-sink hand wash station would be sufficient for up to 40 employees). It must be available for use if the toilet is being used, so it cannot be located inside of or attached to the restroom. A sign must indicate non-potable water intended for washing only. For fewer than five employees, the washing facility can be located within the restroom.

  • Porta potties are green! They use less water than conventional toilets and they last for years.
  • They are handy during natural disasters when the plumbing may be cut off.
  • Many realtors use them when showing homes.
  • They have numerous nicknames including Port-o-Jons and the “Honey Pot”.
  • Portable restrooms that come equipped with sinks and hand sanitizer can be just as sanitary as any other
  • Porta potty pranks are some of the most common around, but they can be incredibly costly and dangerous.

What Are the OSHA Rules Regarding Restrooms?

Generally, a minimum of one separate toilet should be provided for each 10 employees of each sex. When there are fewer than five employees, a separate toilet for each sex is not required provided the toilet facility can be locked from the inside and has at least one toilet inside.

What are the ADA Requirements?

It is important to note: The ADA states that the individual or entity responsible for setup of the site will be held responsible for ADA violations. It is in the customer’s best interest to know the specific requirements that relate to their work site.

In general, portable units that are used exclusively by construction site personnel do not require that an ADA compliant restroom be made available. A good rule of thumb for a special event is at least one ADA compliant restroom for each cluster of restrooms set up of 5% of total restrooms provided at a single location.

What Does the Distance Between a Restroom and a Food Stand Need to Be?

Health department regulations require a portable to be 200 feet from any food booth.

Interesting Facts About Porta Potties

Porta potties may seem pretty cut and dry, but there are actually a lot of interesting things about them that many people don’t know. For one, did you know porta potties were first used on ships during wartimes? Pretty interesting, right? Here are some other interesting facts:

Our Community Involvement

Brunson Pump Service is very involved in the community. We’ve assisted with events like toy drives, buddy walks, March of Dimes, the Brunson’s Toy Drive in Juarez, and events with the Border Network for Human Rights and the Eastlake Lion Club. We pride ourselves on being as helpful as we can to El Paso and the surrounding regions.