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What We Do – Sanitation and Portable Hand Washing

We offer a complete line of sanitation services and portable hand washing stations for your business or event needs to people in El Paso and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on being the premier Portable hand washing and Sanitation company in the region. We take every person and company as more than a client. We want to partner with each person and offer individual attention to detail. For that reason, we offer superior service and efficiency.

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We don’t ignore Science – We follow it!

At Brunson’s we follow the science to ensure that you have the best information on hand for your business or event. Just like your parents and teachers used to say, washing your hands is the most important preventative measure you can take for your health! Especially in this time of the global pandemic, we want to provide you, your employees and your guests, the best opportunity to wash their hands, keep their hands clean, and provide the best, most efficient hand washing sites in the industry. By following the science, we can ensure that you, your worksite and your events are safe and sanitary. Portable Handwashing Stations El Paso

We want your Event and Workplace to be a Safe and Healthy Place!

One of the ways we can keep your event and workplace safe and healthy is to ensure that you have hand washing stations on site. Even if you don’t have running water on site it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice being sanitary and stopping the spread of bacteria or germs. At Brunson’s, we take this seriously. We believe that a healthy workspace and event is important. Because we value our employees, what better way to care for your Team, than to make sure that they are healthy!

If you are planning a Festival, gathering or construction site, our hand washing stations will provide you the opportunity to keep your hands clean and disinfected properly. Likewise our portable sink rentals always come with freshwater, hand soap, and paper towels to provide the best hand washing experience.

What we Offer

We offer a full line of hand washing stations to fit your needs. Whether you work in the food service industry, having a company gathering, or on the construction site, we can provide portable toilets, portable restrooms, and complete hand washing stations with fresh water in each one.

At Brunson, we offer a full line of hand washing stations for El Paso and the surrounding areas. We offer the single use portable hand washing stations, double use portable hand washing stations, and multiple use hand washing stations. For additional sanitary use, we also offer the portable sinks with hand sanitizer as well as a wash sink. Many of the portable hand washing stations are equipped with a foot pump so that your clients won’t be required to touch another surface after using the portable restroom. The majority of our portable hand washing stations are hands free, come completely stocked with a soap dispenser, a water tank with fresh water and are always clean and efficient to use.

Our portable hand washing stations and sinks include:

  • Portable hand was sinks
  • ADA hand washing sinks
  • Hand washing station Tag 2 (for 2 person use)
  • Hand washing station Tag 3 (with additional hand sanitizer stations)
  • Hand washing station Breeze
  • Hand washing station Super Twin
  • Hand washing station SK3 1000

So whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. For more information, review our inventory and let us know how we can partner with you to make sure your event or workplace remains safe and sanitary!

Call  us today for a FREE quote. We are also happy to do a site visit if needed. For more information and for excellent customer service, call us at 915-858-5511. You can also visit our Review of satisfied customers on Facebook and Twitter! Portable Handwashing Stations El Paso